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Delivering Sustainable Innovation for a Net-Zero Future

About the project

Glen Earrach Energy, which means "Valley of Spring" in Gaelic, stands at the forefront of energy innovation. The Pumped Storage Hydro (PSH) project, located at Balmacaan Estate, Scotland, is a critical component for achieving a net-zero grid by 2030. 


The project prioritises environmental preservation and biodiversity enhancement while achieving outstanding efficiency in energy storage and generation.


This ensures a healthier and more sustainable balance between harnessing natural energy resources and the maintenance and reinforcement of the surrounding ecosystem.

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Energy Security and Economic Growth

The project will significantly contribute towards Scottish energy independence and economic vitality, creating numerous jobs and fostering a robust value chain within the UK.

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Proven Technology

PSH is a technology that has delivered for over 100 years and is bankable, predictable, with a proven record of environmental partnership. Glen Earrach Energy is at the forefront of sustainable development.

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Distinctive Advantage

Scotland is in a unique position to reap the full spectrum of benefits from the projects. Not only is the project itself but its supply chains rooted in Scotland.

About Pumped Storage Hydro

Pumped Storage Hydro is a sustainable and reliable electricity storage solution, leveraging the gravitational force of water between two reservoirs at different elevations. In times of low demand, excess energy is used to pump water to the higher reservoir, storing energy. When demand peaks, the stored water is released to generate electricity, offering a balanced and responsive energy supply.

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