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Drumnadrochit & Glen Urquhart residents invited to community engagement event for Glen Earrach Energy’s pumped storage hydro project

Updated: Jun 19

  • Glen Earrach Energy begins community engagement after submitting scoping request to Scottish government for UK’s most efficient pumped storage hydro project. 

  • First community engagement event at Glenurquhart Public Hall on Friday 24 May. 

Drumnadrochit, Scotland – Glen Earrach Energy will host its first engagement event to provide the local community and interested stakeholders with more information about the proposed development of the UK’s most efficient pumped storage hydro facility on the Balmacaan Estate near Loch Ness. 

Glen Earrach Energy, founded by Balmac Forest Limited with the singular focus on delivering this pumped storage hydro project, is committed to seeking the community’s views on how best to integrate the project into the environment and community. 

In April, Glen Earrach Energy submitted a scoping request to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit and is beginning to engage with local communities, businesses, and government, as it seeks views on how best to integrate the project into the environment and the community. 

The first community engagement event will take place at Glenurquhart Public Hall, from 11:00 to 14:30 on Friday 24 May. It will present an opportunity for the public to share their views and learn more about the project from the experts responsible for taking it forward.  

You can register for the event here or drop in on the day. Light refreshments will be available. 

About Glen Earrach Energy  

Glen Earrach Energy was founded by Balmac Forest Limited with the singular focus on delivering the UK’s most efficient Pumped Storage Hydro (PSH) facility on the Balmacaan Estate near Loch Ness. We are committed to harnessing clean energy while protecting our environment and have invested heavily in restoring the estate’s natural beauty.  

We are committed to seeking the community’s views on how best to integrate the project into the environment and the community.  

Project Background  

International experts have identified Glen Earrach Energy’s PSH project as the most efficient in the UK, possibly even Europe. It will move water between two Lochs, Loch Breac Dearga and Loch Ness, acting like a giant water battery storing excess wind power when it is plentiful and releasing it when the wind dies down. It sits alongside other projects developed by Balmacaan Forest, a privately run family business and estate, including a wind energy development with StatKraft and operational run-of-river hydro with Green Highland. 

We are collaborating with international PSH delivery experts to take the project forwards. 

The Glen Earrach Scoping Report can be viewed here.

Why Glen Earrach? 

GEE’s PSH project is being hailed as the most efficient of its type in the UK due to its topography, scale, and location. 

  • The project leverages Loch Ness' unique geography. With a substantial height difference exceeding 480 meters between the upper and lower lochs, it will maximize power generation while minimising its impact on Loch Ness water levels. This design ensures GEE’s project uses water more efficiently than any existing or proposed pumped storage project in the UK.  

  • Central grid proximity to existing wind farms increases the potential efficiency of the project.  

  • GEE’s facility will be capable of delivering up to 30 gigawatt-hours of clean energy – enough to power over a million fully decarbonised homes. 

GEE’s PSH project will: 

  • Create over 600 on-site jobs in Scotland and thousands more in the local supply chain. 

  • Increase demand for local services and supplies. 

  • Preserve the natural landscape and be as invisible as possible. 

  • Use water more efficiently than any other PSH proposal or existing facility on Loch Ness: even for a very large amount of electricity storage (1,000MWh), Loch Ness’s water levels would only change by half an inch (1.4cm). 

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the grid by 10% and save £2 billion in electricity grid running costs

Join Us on the Journey 


At Glen Earrach Energy, we believe in the power of community. Your input and involvement are crucial to the success of our project. Together, we can build a sustainable future for Loch Ness and beyond. 


How You Can Get Involved 


We are dedicated to engaging with the local community throughout the development of this project. Here’s how you can get involved: 


  • Community Meetings: Attend our local engagement events to share your views and learn more about the project. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for us to hear your thoughts and incorporate them into our plans. 

  • Feedback: Visit our website to provide feedback and stay updated on the project’s progress. Your insights are invaluable to us. 



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